Why Size Matters When it Comes to Carats

A woman sharing a secret
A woman sharing a secret

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It’s not what you think and no, bigger isn’t always better in the world of diamonds.

In our previous guides, you learned about the color of diamonds, the cut of diamonds, and the clarity of diamonds.

When all of these things are equal, a diamond’s carat weight becomes the biggest determinant of the price of the gem.

A diamond’s carat weight refers to the size or mass of the diamond and different people prefer different sizes of diamonds based on a variety of factors.

We at The Diamond Supplier suggest looking at your next diamond purchase with size in mind. Take a look:

The size of your budget

Not all budgets are created equal nor should they be. Since a diamond’s carat weight affects the price of the diamond most, first figure out how much you’re planning on spending and proceed from there.

If you don’t like to think about budgets, instead think about using your money wisely.

The Diamond Supplier always has awesome deals on loose diamonds, so you don’t have to worry there, but know that a one-carat diamond will always cost more than a ring made of smaller diamonds that weighs the same or even more.

Do you want smaller gems that together create a dazzling piece of jewelry that costs a little less or do you want a larger, more focal diamond that defines the piece?

These are great questions to ask yourself or your special someone before you buy and may help keep both your loved one and wallet happy.

The size and shape of the finger

If you’re purchasing a diamond for a ring, knowing the size and shape of the finger it will soon call home is important.

This is a tricky one because measuring your special someone’s finger can carry with it all sorts of odd messages. If you’re trying to keep your purchase a secret, forget the measuring tape.

All you have to know is if the finger is short or long, thick or thin. Finding this is easy. Simply admire you special someone’s fingers the next time you’re holding hands.

If the fingers are long, a small carat will look even smaller. Shorter fingers compliment smaller carats better.

The size of the setting

Platinum Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

A platinum classic solitaire with a smaller band

Platinum Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

A platinum classic solitaire with a wider band








Just like fingers, bigger or smaller settings can change the way diamonds look. If your budget more closely matches a smaller size carat, you may want to consider a narrower band.

Wider bands have more empty space, the kind that can swallow a diamond and make it look smaller. This isn’t always a bad thing, depending on the style and the preference of the wearer.

It’s a lot like decorating a room. If you have a big open space, you may want several smaller key pieces of furniture to spread out, depending on the style you’re going for.

The size of preference

If it works for your situation, ask your partner’s preference. That’s right.

Some people love big solitaire diamonds while others, depending on their lifestyle, want something sleeker.

Open communication is always the best way to find out. If it’s a surprise, think of ways the subject might come up in conversation. Don’t be shy.

If you can’t bring yourself to talk about it in the open, remember that friends talk about these sorts of things.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 4Cs Buying Guide to buying diamonds.

The more you know about diamonds, the easier it is to buy the perfect gem. We’ll always give you the best information and the best prices on certified loose diamonds on the Internet.

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